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It is difficult to imagine a father being so angry at his son that he would want to drive a javelin through him. But
such is the situation with Saul and his son Jonathan. Saul had a Ďsiní condition that I would suggest should be
called ď the sin-drome.Ē Sin-drome is something that can affect us all if left unchecked. Circumstances happen in
life and all too often we feel hostility or anger because we feel that we have been wronged and we take that anger
out on others. However, the irritation, the frustration, the bump in our path doesnít produce the hostility, anger, or
frustration within us, but simply reveals the anger, hostility, or frustration already within us. I walk into the kitchen
and see a sponge in the kitchen sink. I can see itís wet, but I donít know whatís in it. It could be coffee. It could be
milk. It could be water. The only way Iíll know whatís in it is to squeeze it. Then, whatís already in it will flow out.
My squeeze wonít put the liquid there, it will simply reveal what was already there. Point being, when youíre
squeezed, when Iím bumped, when we feel under the gun or under pressure, the way we respond will reveal
whatís already in our soul. In this account of Saul as written in 1st Samuel 20, Saul was already in a state of
insanity before he realized his son was befriending David whom Saul despised. We read that he had already
thrown a spear two times previously at David, so it wasnít Jonathan that provoked his father to anger. Anger was
already within him. Was David the problem? No, because when we read about Saul chucking spears at David, 1st
Samuel 19 tells us that an evil spirit was upon Saul. Yet it wasnít even the evil spiritís fault because the evil spirit
came upon Saul only because Saul was already a man of rebellion and disobedience. In other words, because
Saul was disobedient, he became vulnerable to an evil spirit plaguing him that caused him to throw spears not
only at David but also at his own son.The same can be true of us. If we donít understand this, if we donít get this
then we will lash out at him or her, at our boss or neighbor, at our sister or brother, never understanding the real
issue is within our own heart. Here is the point; what are we to do if we realize weíre throwing spears? How can
we know if weíre right or wrong? The answer is very simple: At any given moment, we will either be Spirit-led, or
we will ďspear it dead.Ē If Iím Spirit-led, there will be compassion. If Iím ďspearing it dead,Ē there will be confusion
for it was because Saul was terribly confused himself that he accused Jonathan of confusion. Folks, what comes
out of us when we are squeezed? Is it redemptive and refreshing or is it bitter? Confusion is transformed into
compassion through communion and confession because Jesus said the one who is forgiven much loves much.
When I throw spears, itís indicative of the fact that I donít realize my own miserable, sinful condition. Thatís why
we are to confess our sins specifically. Bitterness becomes redemption and refreshment when I say, ďIím the
sinner, Lord. thank You for the fresh start that is mine because my sin is washed by Your blood.Ē When we
confess and realize that Christ washes us clean, I no longer desire to make my point, throw a spear or fret over
some insignificant issue Iím dealing with for I understand the problem isnít with you or what I am dealing with. The
problem is with me and the solution is the cross.