In the book of 2nd Samuel chapter 24 we read a sequence of events where King David asked Joab, the captain of his army, to count the
number of fighting men he had. By doing so, David acted in disobedience to God who commanded him not to number his army.

By counting the number of the army, David was putting his faith in his horses, chariots and fighting man as he wanted to know how strong he
was. David fell into Satanís trap of relying on himself rather than God. David was trying to determine his own strength in the matter.

Satan would like nothing more than to whisper in our ear to rely on our own abilities. He doesnít want us to rely on God.

It took nine months for Joab to return the count of fighting men to David. Afterward, Davidís heart was smitten as he knew he sinned against
God. And although David confessed his sin to God, he wouldnít be pampered as God held him accountable.

God gave David three options of punishment to pick from; none of which David could pay on his own. Davidís sin was going to cost everyone
and so severe were the consequences that the ensuing plaque wiped out thousands.

The lesson here is that when a leader messes up, the whole people suffer. Davidís sin took its toll on others. When we sin, the effects go far
beyond ourselves. Other people get wiped out. When we take our eyes off the Lord, we alone will not feel the effects but our family and
friends as well.

When did David fall into this trap? It started at a time of peace. This is another of Satanís strategies; to attack when there is peace. Satan
attacks when we are comfortable and susceptible to letting our guard down taking our eyes off God. When things are going well for us, the
tendency is to rely on our own abilities taking our eyes off the Father.

As leaders of our nation, communities, or families, how important it is for us to keep our eyes on the Lord through both good and difficult
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