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Do we limit God by our unbelief? In the gospel of Luke, the first six verse of chapter five, we learn of the disciples
fishing throughout the night without success in catching any fish. Jesus comes on the scene and tells Peter to let
down the nets. Peter objects and questions the Lord declaring; “We have toiled all night without success.” I can
see Peter telling Jesus; “fishing is our territory.” “Everyone knows that here in Galilee we only fish at night.”
“Lord, this doesn’t make sense to me.” “This isn’t the way we were taught in fishing school.” “It’s no use Lord but
at your Word, I will do as you say.” Reluctantly, Simon let down the ‘net’ and to his utter surprise the net being so
full, it broke. Why did Jesus permit the net to break with its subsequent loss of fish? After all, Jesus instructed
them to lower the nets so why then the broken net? It was because of Peter’s little faith and disobedience that the
net broke. You see, Jesus commanded Peter to let down the nets. He did not say one net but all the nets. Peter,
thinking it was no use said in vs 5; “Nevertheless, at thy Word I will let down the net.” Do we limit God by our
unbelief? God wants us to expect ‘big’ things when He works. We never know how our Father will work in our
lives but it is never like we think. Do we limit God by putting restrictions on Him by our disbelief? Let us be a
people who trust and believe God today for great things. He is our Heavenly Father and wants to bless us more
than we know or believe.