The Great Commission
Until the return of Christ, it is the Christian's duty and privilege to seek the
fulfillment of Christ's Great Commission and to minister in His name to a lost
and dying world. We are to be instruments of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit
ministers redemption and reconciliation in the world. (Matthew 25:31-46;

At Western Hills Baptist Church we carry out the Great Commission primarily
through our Faith Promise Giving.
Faith Promise is...
" Giving the Lord an opportunity to work in our lives to bring about greater
support of missionaries.
" Saying, "In dependence on God I will endeavor to give $_________ (specific
" Scriptural in focus: Its target is the church's God-given task to make disciples
of all nations.
" A Scriptural means of encouraging weekly, disciplined, consistent giving for
world evangelization.
" An extra gift which you would not be able to give apart from trusting God to
provide it.
According to the Bible a Faith Promise is an amount:
" more than one can afford (II Cor 8:2-4)
" that follows personal commitment (II Cor 8:5)
" that is optional, but is a test of love (II Cor 8:8)
" previously promised (II Cor 9:5)
" personally purposed (II Cor 9:7)
" that you can give cheerfully (II Cor 9:7)
" provided by God (II Cor 9:8)
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Faith Promise Giving provides is your special love gift to God, over and above the tithe. Your tithe should be marked on your offerings
envelope under Tithe and your Faith Promise Giving should be marked on your offerings envelop under Missions. 100% of all missions
giving at WHBC goes directly to the missionaries on the field.
WHBC supports many missionaries who witness to the lost around the world. These missionaries live by faith that you will do your part in
supporting them on the field. For those that give we thank you and pray that others of you will come to know the joy of giving and then
trusting God to provide you with the increase to meet your Faith Promise Giving amount.